September 23, 2017


The GLIFA Mission, Good Literature For All, was founded in 1995 by Rudi Lack (1932-2010) in order to meet the hunger and need for the Word of God and Christian literature throughout the world.

Pioneers in the international and inter-confessional movement, Youth With A Mission, Rudi and his wife Eliane worked for more than 30 years among the leaders of this organization. They led many training seminars for missionaries throughout the world and they also lived in Africa for many years. As speaker at numerous conferences and seminars for many years, Rudi encouraged the Christians during his trips in more than 100 countries. Everywhere he went he proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus-Christ.

The books Rudi wrote have been translated into many languages and have been largely spread throughout the world. Up to this day the GLIFA Mission has touched, through the Gospel, about 20 million people.

GLIFA’s main minestry is in Africa and Asia because of their poverty and also due to the fact that they do not have the necessary financial resources. Millions of third world citizens are unable to buy a Bible or any other edifying book.

Since Rudi Lack passed away in 2010, a team led by Alexandre Lukasik and May Chappuis pursues Rudi’s vision of GLIFA : provide the Word of God and good Christian literature, especially in third world countries.

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