April 25, 2018

Good Literature For All

What is GLIFA?

A missionary society that was launched to respond to the hunger about the Word of God and the literature famine that exists in Third World countries. Our materials go into over 50 countries and help the poor and needy.

Who is behind GLIFA?

Friends and donors support the production of Bibles, Christian teaching books and evangelistic materials. Supporters receive detailed information what is being done and where we work.

How GLIFA functions?

Capable people distribute the material in the different underdeveloped countries. GLIFA works with all Christian Denominations through Bible distribution and  literature.

In what way can I help?

Prayer and intercession is always needed, but we also need more supporters, mission partners and donors that support the work. You can join the friends of GLIFA by writing to the headquarters in Switzerland.

History of GLIFA

Rudi Lack the Director and Founder of GLIFA, started in 1993 from Switzerland. Today, Good Literature For All exists also in France, Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa and Kenya. Our work is in over 50 countries and more than 15 million copies have been distributed. Containers are sent regularly to third world countries.